Saturday, June 9, 2012





Louisa had piles of magazines
Dealing with haut cuisine.
She had read every single one 
That there had ever been!
But, one day, she learned something new
That filled her with despair.
She actually gave a wail of grief
And slumped down in her chair!
'Remember this hint above them all'
The editorial said;
'Your guests will only enjoy the food
If your background colour is red.
Red stimulates the appetite;
This fact is quite well-known,
If your dining-room is painted blue
You will eat alone!'
'Oh woe is me!' Louisa cried,
I've just redecorated!
But now I've read this article
I'm newly motivated!
My dining-room is blue, indeed,
A lovely egg-shell colour;
But red is such a vibrant hue;
Egg-shell is much duller!'
Louisa had lots of money
Which was fortunate indeed,
So she ordered her servants to strip the walls
Before her next big feed.
She bought expensive bright red  paint,
It's name was Dragon's Fire,
And soon her walls were as rosy red
As anyone could desire.
'Don't stop there!' Louisa cried
'No, no! You can't stop there!
Paint the table-cloth as well,
 And then you must paint the chair!
I want my guests to pounce on my food
With gastronomic desire!
All be well if we're immersed
In a room full of Dragon's Fire!'
Then Louisa nipped out for some curtains
To shut out the grass and sky,
For her guests might remain unstimulated
If such things caught their eye.
The evening came, the guests arrived
And they all were duly fed.
But they got such awful headaches
 Because everything was red!
They said 'We loved your previous scheme!'
This Dragon's Fire's a pain!
We're very sorry Louisa
But don't invite us again!'

(An acrostic)

Tensely waiting behind the tree.
Immaculate, and ever free.
Great, wild, powerful creature,
Energy in every feature.
Respect is something you deserve.
I must simply keep my nerve!

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Margaret Gosden said...

Matisse is a favorite painter of mine, though I did not know that red stimulates the appetite!