Friday, June 29, 2012

Doing a Stretch

asks us to write on the subject of 'stretch'


I'm doing a stretch in prison.*
I'm living on bread a gruel.
There are arrows printed on my shirt
And I do feel a bit of a fool.
I walk round the yard in the morning,
With my eyes on the back in front,
And all because I decided
To pull a silly stunt.
I'm not going to fill-in the details,
In case you copy me.
All I'll say is I had a go
At shaking the money tree!
I sleep on a board when I'm tired
They've thrown away the key.
Let me be a dreadful example.
 Never do a stretch like me.

* Not really!


Pride, they say, comes before a fall
And a shadow proved that true.
Here am I, looking very small,
Photographing a view.
See me in the centre,
That pathetic little dot?
I thought I was important.
This shadow proves I'm not!


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