Wednesday, June 20, 2012


letter 'W'


Wonder is at the heart of worship; mankind, filled with awe,
Offering complete devotion to One Without a Flaw.
Religious people worship Gods, of many different kinds;
Some others worship Money; it occupies their minds.
Hero-worship, too, exists; sometimes without good reason.
If one should speak against a Hero it's considered treason!
Perhaps the most insidious form of worship is just this......
Worship of Self ! That's something that I hope we all dismiss!



I give you incongruity,
An odd juxstaposition,
A wry little offbeat comment
On the old human condition.
By 'old' of course I do mean old;
These ladies are as old as me,
But look at the writing on the wall!
That's the incongruity!
We meet at the local centre
That's set aside for youth.
The decor's not quite to our taste;
(We sometimes mutter 'Streuth!')
The odd little elfin creature
Perched high up on a shelf
Is smirking there behind his hand
And giggling to himself.
Still, the colourful splashes of art work
Are right at any stage,
And it's the age inside one's head
That's the only important age.


The Poet said...

I always have a laugh and a giggle whenever I visit here. Loved these! Thanks for sharing.

The Warm Fingers Of Love

Anonymous said...

is that wall something your kids are involved in, your profession or you volunteer (or none of them, something you heard or read about)

when time races like a bullet