Monday, June 11, 2012


                                     Brenda Bryant

asks us to consider Water


The surging waves come rolling in,
With power and spume and roaring din;
They are all too much for me,
And so I stand beside the sea
Gazing at a tiny pool
Appearing like a vacant fool.
I'm standing here intently gazing
At something equally amazing.
Size isn't the only thing that counts;
Things that come in large amounts
Aren't all that matter in this life.
Wars and politics and strife
May seem to loom forever large;
Important people are in charge.
But my small life and my emotion
Sometimes eclipse the mighty ocean!
The sea may roar and others rule
But I'll consider this little pool.

Richard Dawkins


A meme is something one catches,
Like some dreadful alien bug!
It's something one simply can't dismiss
With a casual little shrug.
Its effect is quite immediate....
"Start writing right away!
Comtortionate and twist your mind
Deciding what to say!
Refer to various experts,
On the topic that's been suggested
And try to regurgitate poetry
From all that's been digested."
Sometimes there's serendipity;
And idea will light a spark
And illuminate my faithful muse
(Who's been working in the dark.)
At other times the mind is blank,
The muse rolls over, dead.
At times like that I say 'What the hell!'
And just go back to bed.

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Madeleine Begun Kane said...

I enjoyed both, especially Memetic Fever, which I really related to.