Saturday, June 2, 2012



(It's the start of Winter in Australia!)

Winter's here, the days are grey.
I don't think I'll go out today.
The fire's switched on; I feel the heat
Warming my little puddy feet.
Plump up the cushions; I like them pink.
They match my little tum I think.
I ask nothing more than this,
A little helping of kitty bliss.


'You'll never make old bones' they said;
Yet here I am, looking very dead.
An old bone lying in the sand
For whom there's something special planned.
For I am a wish-bone, so they say,
Able to wish nice things your way.
Soon someone will see me lying around,
Here on my cardboard-looking ground,
And they will snap me right in two
Hoping their wishes will come true.
But I have a wish of my very own,
Which might seem strange for a dead old bone.
I wish that, after death, will follow
A brand new life as a soaring swallow!
And, yes, there on the ground I see
The shape of my future destiny!
As a swallow I will fly
Away, away in the bright blue sky.
Dreams of Heaven are fortifying
And this old bone dreams of swallow-flying.

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pinkkandy said...

Stopping by to say...Happy Pink Saturday!
Stop by My Sweet Prairie Home...I love to have company! God Bless You !