Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Threat

asks us to use the words in blue


I was halfway down the alley when I saw him;
He loomed up from the shadows, dark and tall.
My blood ran cold, I almost screamed in terror;
I flattened myself against the nearest wall.
As he approached I saw his head was shaven;
I saw his arms were covered in tattoos;
He was scowling as he moved in closer to me;
This was a fight that I'd be bound to lose.
Would he hamper me as I tried to pass him?
Would he taunt me with a cutting turn of phrase?
Would he pulverise me with a fist of iron;
Would I end the night half-dead and in a daze?
Nearer he came; my legs had started shaking.
I felt faint as though my blood had drained  away.
Nearer he came! And now, oh God, he'd reached me!
'Good evening' he said.....
And wandered on his way.


The gentler things of life appeal;
The web of silken thread,
The tracery of winter branches
Moving overhead.
The lisp of waves upon the sand,
When the air is mild;
The murmured breathing in the night
Of a little sleeping child.
I prefer the touch of a soothing hand
To a grip that's firm and strong;
And a mother's whispered lullaby 
Means more than a strident song.
Let us go gently through our days
Amid the noise  and strife,
For sanity and peace live here,
In the gentler things of life.


Sheilagh Lee said...

the first one captures perfectly how we might misjudge someone by appearance.
The second is truly beautiful the gentle side of life is definitely the best.

Nara Malone said...

Lovely pairing of poems here. Wisdom wrapped in both.

joanne said...

Loving the rhyming, as always......the first has happened to me! Second was smooth...

Mojo Writin said...

Love The Threat. Very much a case of never judge a book by its cover *wink*

Karishma Shetty said...

The first one is such a great example of how most threats are actually only in our own mind. Very nice captured.