Friday, June 8, 2012


asks us to consider Eccentricity


Eccentrics often like to be
Known for their eccentricity.
The most eccentric race you'll find
Is the British. No! I'm not unkind!
They like to think they're different, odd,
Not like other peas in the pod.
'We're eccentric' they often say;
'We like to go our own sweet way.'
If you read their history
You will very clearly see
That eccentricity was helped by cash;
With money one could make a splash.
See below for information
On Britain........ a very eccentric nation.
Out of an amazing panoply
I have merely picked-out three.
Sir William Paxton built a very high tower so that he could sit and look at the horses in a field some way away!
Lord Rokeby was obsessed with water. He often had to be carried unconscious from the sea and when he got old he had a water-tank built on the top of his house so that he could lie in water all day!

Sir George Sitwell had this sign erected over his front door! Need I say more?


Here is number one-nine-nine,
Which I've seen fit to underline.
So much to label and to date;
So much to view and tabulate.
My kind of work can be quite tiring,
Not always enlightening and inspiring.
An archivist is a dusty soul
And sometimes, boredom takes its toll;
In the bowels of the library
I  number things in secrecy,
Allocating items shelves
Where they can gather dust themselves.
But, little lady, one-nine-nine
You've gazed at other eyes than mine.
And he's gazed back, with a little laugh,
Before he's taken the photograph,
Saying ' Photography is clever;
I can capture your face for ever;
Those lovely eyes and that half  smile...............
Enough of that!
I'll close the file.


Karen said...

Being of British descent I must agree, but the Aussies can give them a run for the money!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

This is so clever. The sign makes me think of a cute sign I saw once that said "I am already disturbed. Please come in." Hee hee.

Anonymous said...

Very well done. I might add that British eccentricities are usually self-contained and don't inflict themselves on anyone else. Eccentric but polite.

Mary B. Mansfield said...

Nicely done! Much easier indeed to be eccentric if you have the cash to back it up :)

Hannah said...

Love the gathering of eccentric facts! Great poems, too!

Ella said...

Fun to read! Yes, cash does help the cause, lol
Fun to read, I really enjoyed your take on the prompt~ :D