Monday, June 11, 2012

Wayward Word

chose the topic.....'costume'.


I refer to that little word 'costume'
And what it brings to mind.
Most people think of Fancy Dress
So that's how the word's defined.
They think of theatrical costuming,
Or Hallowe'en sort of gear,
And that's been the meaning of the word
For many a long year,
But when I was a child the word 'costume'
Meant something else as well;
Not just clothes for 'dressing-up'
When there were tickets to sell.
These were bathing costumes
In 1931.
Spending summers at the beach
Was always lots of fun.

And this was a lady's 'costume',
A two-piece suit to wear.
I think it looks quite modern
And has an elegant air.
Words tend to change their meanings
As the passing years go by.
Some are new, some last for ever
And to some we say 'goodbye'.


The winter sun, low in the sky,
Not summer-hot as in days gone by,
Comes slatting in to lie and laze,
Exhausted by its summer blaze.


George S Batty said...

I think on this one we came from the same seeds...yours turned into roses...mine into weeds...but I have always thought of you as a petunia in an onion patch...
like the slatted sun...

Judy Roney said...

Love this poem. So true. What they wore in the 60's is a great costume today. :)