Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shimmer Shot



Maybe I am showing you something from the past,
For decorations on cruise ships are not made to last.
We were on the 'Rhapsody of the Seas' only a year ago,
Captivated by the glitter and the gaudy glow.
Since then there's been a refit and I'm pretty sure
That all these ceiling pieces have crashed down to the floor.
From there they've been taken off for scrap; a lesson to us all.
'All that glitters is not gold' and 'Pride comes before a fall.'


It once was a thing of beauty.
It spread wide its golden wings
As it traversed the ancient palms
And hovered
Over the heads of dinosaurs.
Then came rain.
The deluge beat it to the ground
And stamped on it.
It could no longer fly.
Leaves covered it,
Mud engulfed it,
Time obliterated it.
Mud turned to stone.
The butterfly was locked away inside
For ever.
Aeons later came the little hammer.
The stone was cracked.
The butterfly is beautiful once more.


HansHB said...

Good composition, - nice to do it in B&W!
Have anice weekend!

Dragonstar said...

Very nice black and white photo, and I love the fossil butterfly!

Margaret Gosden said...

It is a beautiful b/w photo! Love the angle and the wonderful words to go with it! (It deserves to be recognised!) These last two topics reflect my thought these days and I must say that your take on existence is much more livable, optimistic, than mine....

Laura said...

beautiful images!

Rune said...

I do enjoy yopur pictures, also the verbal ones. Best wishes!

Carole said...

It looks very cool in black and white. :-)

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