Saturday, June 30, 2012

Maritime Optimist



Unfolding like a flower,
See the dolphin grow.
Changing hour by hour,
Putting on a show.
In Mother's secret places
Developing all the while,
And, ready for the big wide sea,
Already wearing a smile.
He'll emerge with a cheerful leaping,
And a great love of the deep,
But, for now, he's sleeping.
And smiling in his sleep.


Well, here it is folks! You've been warned!
My study completely unadorned.
The empty 'page' up on the screen;
Till I started writing, nice and clean.
The straggly wires which are never neat,
Twining themselves where I put my feet.
The calendar open for reference dates;
The rubbish, which proliferates.
Scraps of paper, which I dislike,
And which should be saved on a metal spike.
My chair, with a sort of mesh addition,
Forcing me into the right position.
My keyboard, bought as a gift last week,
Because the old one was antique.
The lead from my camera on the floor,
Where it has been many times before.
Do I feel guilty? Not a bit!
I relish the many hours I sit
In this scruffy study place
Far away from the human race.
I hear, from below, the TV blaring,
Something which I'll soon be sharing,
For soon my husband will call to me
'Come on down: I've made the tea!'


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Johanna Ellen said...

What an amazing picture! happy Pink Saturday!
I'm very sorry my pinking is so late! I'm feeling bad that I wasn't able to do it yesterday! rrr
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