Monday, June 25, 2012

Reality Check

asks us to comment on the above photograph


'How odd!', we say, 'To see the world as a little tiny ball!
Why! We the folk who live on it know it's not like that at all!
Our earth is huge, with mountains high and deserts dry and wide
And oceans so far-stretching we can't see the other side.
Our earth is quite enormous! Our earth is big and blue
And we, the folk who live on it are very important too.'
Oh what a deception! Our earth is less than dust.
It's a little wizened crumpled thing with a very uneven crust.
Less than a lolly-paper we spin in the endless black
Hoping that someone, somewhere, may, one day, twinkle back.
And we are the dust on the dust, my friends, that's how important we are.
Sorry to disappoint you! You thought you were on a star!

From a Mad Kane first line


A man who was proud of his clout
Said 'My rules nobody must flout!'
But I laid him low
When I trod on his toe!
I knew that he suffered from gout!
Mid-winter in Australia. This is my daughter's little dog, Banjo, rugged-up for the season and not moving far from the fire. Isn't he sweet! 


Susan said...

I love the conversation: "big and blue" vs. "less than dust" with a tone of mild curiosity and detachment. Yet the nihilist wins, doesn't he? And then you delight us with some of the dust--gout and Banjo--so that when I take them all together I see a third part to the conversation. Brilliant!

Peggy said...

I enjoyed these. Yes we are just dust on dust, alas. And the gout poem made me smile.