Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A New Beginning

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(An Acrostic)

After all the grief and woe,
Nastiness is done.
Every cloud is white as snow;
We can see the sun.
Before, we two were blind as bats,
Eager for dispute.
Gone are all those tit-for-tats;
Ill-will doesn't suit.
Never more will we complain!
Next comes a new beginning!
I'm in love with you again;
Now true love is winning.
Girl meets boy a second time!
(This is a very hopeful rhyme!)


Jelly Fungi! New to me!
In the trunk of a woody tree!
White or orange, pink or rose,
Or yellow as this picture shows!
'Witch's Butter' these are named,
Edible, or so it's claimed.
Eaten raw they are quite munchy,
Partly slippery, partly crunchy!
Tasting like soil..... I kid you not!
Soil just out of your garden plot!
Sometimes they seem to mimic coral,
Which seems to me a bit immoral!
Slippery! Crunchy! Tasting of earth!
Are they really of any worth?
I'd have to be close to starvation
To get the slightest inclination
To toss one back and gulp it down!
I prefer my mushrooms a normal brown!


Mrsupole said...

It really is a hopeful rhyme and seems to be about a lasting friendship that has gone through up and downs and still the friendship remains. I really enjoyed it.

And I am not sure I would like to eat a mushroom that tastes like soil but I guess if I was starving then I would probably think it tasted fantastic.

Thanks so much for a great acrostic for this weeks Theme Thursday. Very nice.

God bless.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Indeed! Tit for tats are not bound for success! Like an endless ping pong match! And that jellow kind of mushroom may just be of value for the curious photographer! Fun rhymes!

Sreeja said...

Lovely poems....

Jinksy said...

But how gorgeous are they to look at? Never mind eating them!
Full marks for your hopeful acrostic, too. ♥

Peggy said...

I love the hope and joy in the first poem and the fun of the second. Thanks.

Scarlet said...

Cheers for the new beginning ~

What an interesting color for a mushroom..its looks like jelly ~

Happy day to you ~

Laura said...

love your Jellow poem...and yes it is so good to kiss and make up!

Mojo Writin said...

The new beginning piece is so sweet, so full of hope. I liked it a lot.