Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Seed Beds

chose the topic 'Beds'


How, I wonder, do words begin?
We know of beds to grow flowers in,
But who first thought of a bed for plants?
Did the name begin by chance?
Did some gardener planting seeds
See them as living things with needs?
Did he say, as he dug them deep,
"There, little babies, go to sleep.
Rest your pretty little heads
In your very own garden.....beds!"
And did his gardener friend deride him,
Call him an idiot and chide him?
"Beds indeed! How very twee!
They're just holes in the earth to me!
And, when there are lots and lots and lots
I plant the seeds in things called plots."
But 'beds' became the chosen word
And we don't think it at all absurd.
One thing, for sure, is very clear;
There's a lot of power in a great idea.
                                                                                   Norman Rockwell


Norman dear! (Rockwell, I mean.)
You really slipped-up with this scene.
You labelled  it 'The Flirt'.Oh dear!
Has he got sex-appeal? No fear!
So, if he's flirting, it's rather sad.
He's old enough to be her Dad!
And, if the lady is the flirt,
Then my response is rather curt!
She isn't flirting! That's disdain!
These two men are such a pain!
Rockwell was very much of his age,
When Wolf Whistles were all the rage.
 When pretty girls were supposed to thrill
Even if the Whistler were over the hill!
I see a coin. Is there a toll?
Is paying her fee the driver's goal?
Does he hope to get in her good books
With all those silly leering looks?
He looks quite genial! What a shame
That he considers girls fair game!
In Rockwells time all girls were prey.

But no-one ever went astray!


Kathe W. said...

perhaps our veggies would grow better if we sang them lullabies?

Maude Lynn said...

Wolves is very, very clever!