Tuesday, June 26, 2012




The teasing winds of winter are ruffling our hair;
And the river flows with water that is chill.
On Barrington Tops the snow has fallen and some trees are bare,
Yet the palm tree spreads its fronds as it always will.
 Come summer, autumn, winter, spring and all the days between,
The palm tree is unchanging come what may,
And here we see it lazing in the sunshine on the green;
A touch of summer on a winter's day.


I applied for World Dictatorship
But it has given me the slip.
And that's a pity; I know I'm suited
To being rampant and jack-booted.
I know that I'd have fixed the roads,
Delivered benefits in loads,
And been a generous benefactor.
I would have had not one detractor!
My taxes, always low and fair
Would have given all an equal share.
Rights for women! Equal pay!
Maybe a three hour working day!
Retirement at the age of twenty!
A cornucopia of plenty!
All the citizens fat and wealthy....
(No, not fat, that's too unhealthy).
But everybody satisfied,
With nothing reasonable denied.
And all that I'd ask in exchange
Is nothing fabulous or strange...
Just utter grovelling subjugation
With lashings of 'All Hail!' acclamation;
Coins emblazoned with my features,
Not those of humble, lesser creatures.
And also a natty uniform
Suitably moulded to my form.
I'd have been a great success.
And the world wouldn't be in this awful mess!


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Nice shot!Have a great day!