Sunday, June 3, 2012

Something in the Air

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There's something in the air
And I wish that I were there,
For sixty years ago I was in the crowd.
And it rained back then, of course,
As soldier, coach and horse
Filed past us. And we felt so very proud.

Jingoisms mad!
Patriotism's sad.
A Queen is just a woman, after all,
But I really, really care
And I wish that I were there
Waving a flag, and feeling ten feet tall.


See the President's Palace, Taipai,
On some great ceremonious day!
The ladies in pink 
Are making me think
That a festival's now underway.
Their pinkness just can't be denied!
Each one like a bright rosy bride!
'Does good luck?' I muse
'Favour these blushing hues?
Is that why they're full of Pink Pride?
Is the President's favourite shade
The colour of pink lemonade?
Or is it by chance
That the ladies who dance
Are so prettily, pinkly displayed?
Like roses they bloom in the sun
And it looks like a great deal of fun!
Whatever the cause
I like them because
They look happy, when all's said and done.


Maude Lynn said...

It must have been amazing to be there sixty years ago!

Margaret Gosden said...

Yes, I am happy to be living to tell my grandchildren I was there, waiting in the rain, to see the coach go by for the Coronation! And the view I got yesterday of the procession on the Thames - what a spectacular event - my American 'children' and my grandchildren were impressed (as I was at the history that was represented in all those ancient-looking boats resurrected for the occasion!) Needless to say, I was with Brenda when we
slept out in the rain to watch the coach go by 60 years ago.