Sunday, June 3, 2012

Only in Day-dreams

asks us to use the opening words of the film Femme Fatale 
'Only in our dreams'


Only in our day-dreams does everything come right.
Only then do folks agree without the slightest fight.
Only then are wedding days, perfect, without rain,
And childbirth a great experience, without one scrap of pain!
Only then do we marry a truly perfect man,
Who's quite at home with diapers and broom and pot and pan!
Night dreams are quite different, they're often rather sad,
 Making us wake in the morning feeling rather less than glad.
Even when we forget them, the 'melody' lingers on,
And, if they're happy, it's so hard to feel that joy has gone.
So concentrate on Day dreams and play at Let's Pretend
Even if reality is driving you round the bend!


I did but see her passing by
And yet her sweetness caught my eye.
Forever she will rise from greenery,
Adding interest to the scenery.
Forever she will hold her urn
Containing the feathers of a fern.
Forever she'll hear the bird-song sung,
Ever innocent, ever young.
But was she, once, a living maid,
A little nervous and afraid
Posing for an artist's eye,
And did he tell her 'Don't be shy.'?
What was her name, how old was she,
The girl with the fragility?
Maybe she married and grew fat;
Maybe not worth looking at.
This statue, alabaster-pale,
Could, if it wanted to, tell a tale.


George S Batty said...

well said..bravo...but some times my night dreams come with my afternoon nap...could they be noon dreams

KB said...

Love this, I don't know where I'd be without my day-dreams. My COT is up too.

Anonymous said...

A delightful take on the prompt. Enjoyed reading it and it makes me smile.

NAWAL said...

Made me smile lovely take :)

Myrna R. said...

Both of these poems are marvelous. As a teen, I used to love to daydream. And today I'm still a dreamer. I love to pretend.

The other poem made me smile. You have a good sense of humor.

Lenore said...

very sweet take on the prompt..loved it!!

Hannah said...

And childbirth a great experience, without one scrap of pain!


Love the lyrical quality of your second and the feathered fern!