Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cute Newt

gave us the first line


A man who was very astute
Said he'd reincarnate as a newt
'I will swim in the nuddy
Where water is muddy
And not even need a wet suit!'


Is your husband still around? I bet his name is Max!
And is it a case, dear Maxine, of  ' an opposite attracts?'
Is he one of those people whose temper is rather short,
And then it's over and done with? I bet Max is that sort.
Does he explode in a fury and then forget the cause?
Is he all sunny and cheerful after the briefest pause?
I have a husband like that, dear, and it really isn't fair!
Just when I'm getting all worked up, his bad mood isn't there!
While I'm still churning inwardly he's whistling a jolly tune!
While I'm immersed in a nasty mood he's happy very soon!
I can be put-out for hours and hours, longing to use my tongue!
While he's forgotten the whole thing, I'm still feeling stung!
I rehearse all manner of ripostes, witty words to say
Which are bound to make me the winner amd really make him pay.
I brood...... yes, that's the word...... I brood, I sulk, if you must know!
I grunt in response to queries, glowering at the foe!
While he's completely forgotten whatever we argued about,
 I'm putting on mental boxing-gloves, ready for another bout!
'I can stay mad for days!' you say! Hour stretches into hour.
You and I, Maxine, my dear,
We've got staying-power!


Al said...

I like that newt shot and limerick.

Kay L. Davies said...

Very cute Newt with his accompanying limerick, Brenda, and I've always enjoyed Maxine.