Wednesday, July 4, 2012


What a really spectacular word!
One of the best I've ever heard.
It should be in daily use.
I feel that there is no excuse
For  spurning and, indeed, ignoring it.
I, for one, find I'm adoring it.
Look in the dictionary; you will find it.
The meaning is, simply, 'absent-minded',
Or 'disengaged', it means that, too.
Sort of gazing into the blue.
'Away with the fairies', 'lost in thought',
'Musing', something of that sort.
When we lose our concentration,
And lose track of a situation
Then, they say, our thoughts can be
Described by us as 'yonderly'.
When we find it hard to ponder
Our thoughts are, somehow, 'over yonder'.
I have plenty more to say


Angus McDee, that Alpha Male,
Before whom lesser mortals quail,
Gathered the people of his clan
And said 'I am a Mighty Man!
Shortly I will sally forth
To fight the Beastie from the North!
The people cheered, the people shouted!
The warrior's prowess was not doubted!
Angus cried 'I'm not afraid!
Of the toughest stuff I know I'm made.
The poor old Beastie has no inkling
That I'll despatch him in a twinkling.
See! Here I have my trusty sword,
With it's shining blade so sharp and broad.
And here I have my trusty dagger!'
(Here he gave a little swagger.)
'Then there is my trusty knife
With which I'll end the Beastie's life.
Not to mention my trusty dirk!
And now, goodbye. I'll get to work!'
The people cheered, the people yelled;
With pride their Scottish bosoms swelled.
He set off over the hills alone,
Weighed down by his testosterone!
The Beastie, which had for years survived,
Was waiting when our man arrived,
Pawing the ground and loudly snorting.
(The whole affair was very sporting!)
Angus McDee, the Alpha Male,
Didn't blanche and didn't pale!
He bellowed 'Which of us will yield?'
And held aloft his trusty shield.
His weapons sliced, his weapons slashed,
Loud and clear the weapons clashed,
They made a pleasant whizzing sound,
But the angry Beastie stood its ground.
The battle raged for half a day
With neither of them giving way.
The members of the clan awaited
Angus, with their breath all bated.
When he returned he began to wail
'Sorry! I only got the tail!'


Anonymous said...

i was going to make a comment, but i forgot what i was going to say!!

yoga teacher limerick

Roger Owen Green said...

I was going to respond, but I'm too warm to think!

Lmkazmierczak said...

The first one was daydreamin' perfect and the 2nd tale was a very good tail♫♪

Jem said...

Haha!! I was amused and lost at the same time. Clever!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Zongrik and Roger cracks me up lol.

Happy 4th of July.

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Rose, ABC Wednesday Team