Saturday, July 21, 2012

Behind My Eyes

asks us to consider the Devil


The Devil lives inside me;
He lurks inside my mind
Suggesting all the nasty things
And making me unkind.
But God lives there inside me;
Urging me to be good,
And do the kind and generous things
I only wish I could.
The Devil lives, nice and cosy,
In my Reptilian Brain.
Intent on painting pictures
Of vice and death and pain.
But God lives in my Frontal Lobes
Or somewhere about there
Suggesting I do nice things,
Be sweet and calm and fair.
The battle between Good and Evil
Is not up in the skies.
It's somewhere underneath my skull
And right behind my eyes.

(An Acrostic)

A man whose brain is full of air
Is not, it seems to me, 'all there'.
Research into his mental state
Has us believe it's not too great.
Even so, a feeble mind,
As we have found, can be quite kind.
Devilish deeds are what people do
Who have a really high I.Q.!
We had a good rehearsal yesterday and, afterwards, as usual, we all enjoyed liquid refreshment. Joy is in both photos because she reads my blog!


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