Thursday, July 19, 2012

Seapoint Circuit



Idling our time away on a Capetown holiday
We chanced to see these cyclists bowling along our way.
There were hundreds and hundreds of cyclists all pedaling away like mad!
We were two static watchers, but it made our old hearts glad
To see these bold young cyclists, with skins of every shade
Brightening the scenery with their whirring cavalcade.
We left Africa when there was turmoil, and now it's good to see
The races mingling at times like this in perfect amity.
Mixing in sport is the answer to many of life's ills.
It's hard to be controversial when pedaling up steep hills!

(Recalling a volcanic eruption which disrupted air-travel a couple of years ago)

Did it upset your vacation! Were you caught-up in the throng
Of travelers at the airport who had to wait so-o-o-o- long?
Did you feel annoyed with Iceland? After all, you weren't impressed.
Someone should have 'done something' before, maybe made a test.
When the Volcano erupted (the one with the terrible name)
Were you wretchedly frustrated with nobody you could blame?
Did you miss Suzie's party? Were you late for a special date?
Was it a dreadful drama having to wait and wait?
I'm sure you all suffered badly! I'm sure that you snarled and cussed.
But look at this poor Icelander!
And then complain about dust!

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joanne said...

Because I am forever entertained by your rhymes, and these 2 are no exception, I have nominated you for the Liebster blog learn how to receive it, go to my blog, to 'archives', and clk on Liebster blog award (of course)