Thursday, July 12, 2012

Good Try

This is a hybrid! I've already written a serious (very) poem using the three chosen words from Three Word Wednesday, but Mad has inspired me to follow her example on Facebook and write a limerick using the same words.


As I entered the Family vault
A spooky voice hissed at me 'Halt!
The living all differ
From stiffs, who are stiffer!
Don't imagine you'll join by default!'



The turbulence was frightful, the plane was in a spin!
The roaring wind was lashing with a truly ghastly din.
The passengers were seated, they were belted, they were grim
For they felt their chances of relief were very, very slim.
One woman in the front aisle suddenly stood upright,
An expression on her face of the most soul-destroying fright.
'I'm going to die! I'm going to die!' she yelled for all to hear.
'I tell you, everybody, that, for us, the end is near!
But before I die won't some man make me feel that life's worthwhile.
Come and make me feel like a woman! Right here, on the aisle!'
For a second nothing happened then a handsome man arose!
He strolled towards her down the aisle unbuttoning his clothes!
He was wonderfully handsome, very tanned, with thick black hair
And his muscles rippled as he walked! All she could do was stare!
'Yes! Yes!' she gasped as he neared her, forgetting all her fears,
The sound of the storm around her was no longer in her ears.
He strolled down, quite unhurried, aware of his manly grace,
Conscious of the great desire painted on her face.
He moved till he almost touched her and whispered in her ear.....
'I'll make you feel like a woman!
 Iron my shirts! Get me a beer!'