Friday, July 13, 2012


                                    Richard Russell


(After Patience Strong)

When dark clouds loom and squalls are coming,
When the distant drums of the storm are drumming,
When your little craft seems frail and tossed
And it seems that all you've gained is lost,
Watch out for nature's witchery......
See how it transforms the surrounding sea!
The 'silver-lining' is above, unseen,
But bringing hope with its shimmering sheen.

Vivid Sydney

(Earlier this year)

Our weather forecast tells us 'squalls';
It's the time of year when cold rain falls.
And if the sky should sometimes clear,
It still declares that winter's here,
Because the wind blows cold and shrill
To tell us that it's winter still.
Here, in Sydney a crowd has formed,
Sheltering under umbrellas  (warmed),
To see the Light Show that entrances,
Attracting many admiring glances;
One of the 'cheer-up' shows designed
To make the season seem less unkind.
In Parliament it will be squally too;
Our Politicians take the view
That all we want to hear are rows,
Every insult the law allows!
We're heartily sick of their back-stabbing,
Disagreeing, attention-grabbing.
Winter will end, we'll have warmth, not chill,
But bitter political-speak never will!


The Write Girl said...

I love your ominous sky watch shot. The sky looks like huge waves are looming and aiming for the boats. Beautiful poetry as well.

NatureStop said...

Nice shots!Have a great weekend!