Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Rime



Oh Ancient Mariner, why stoppest thou me?
Just because I'm 'one in three'!
I have to say you look quite weird
With your blazing eyes and your bushy beard.
I was doing the shopping on Johnson Street
When, suddenly, who should I chance to meet
But you, Ancient Mariner, counting in threes!
Instantly, I felt ill at ease.
'One, two!' you muttered as you came my way,
Then 'Three!' you pounced, and I heard you say
'One and Two were not quite right
But I'd like you to come with me tonight!
We'll sail for days on the mighty billows!
No more blankets, no more pillows!
The freezing spray will drench you through
When you are part of my good ship's crew.
You'll scream and shout, calling on the Lord
To prevent your being washed overboard!
You'll eat ships biscuits and you'll get scurvy!
No wonder you look rather nervy!
And then, one day, and don't be alarmed,
You will find that we're becalmed.
But be sure to save the Albatross!
If you don't, I'll get quite cross!
How lucky you are to be Number Three,
Invited to sail away with me!'
I must say he'd put me on the spot,
But I managed to gasp 'I'd rather not!'
Illustrations from our local paper.


We live within the sound of the sea
And, last week, we were aware of it!
A gale force wind hit the ocean
And Merewether copped its share of it.
Here we see the wild surf
Made golden by the sun,
With a brave young surfer deciding
To enjoy some winter fun.

This shot looks terrifying!
Rather him than me.
I like a calm horizon
And a gently lisping sea!

This is a glorious picture,
As the wild waves roar and rage,
But, as far as I'm concerned,
It can stay on the printed page!
As soon as I fetched my camera
And walked down to the sea,
Everything stopped being spectacular!
I wonder if it was me!

My own unremarkable shot!



Lola said...

Many thanks for stopping by my blog!

Such an interesting post – great pics matching superb verse.

Have a good weekend

Anonymous said...

Well done! I really enjoyed your poems!

Maude Lynn said...

I love your take on the Mariner!

storybeader said...

Those are great photos - even yours. But the rhyme was even better. You make me want to go back and read the mariner's poem. I remember memorizing it as a student! Great post! {:-D

Cathy Kennedy said...

What fun to read this poetry and great connection with our 'H' assignment today!

Hometowns USA

Winifred said...

Crumbs I remember doing that poem at school. Having to memorise huge sections of it was a nightmare.

That poem sounded a bit like the Press Gang Brenda. Scary! Love the photos.

Lmkazmierczak said...

Brilliant♫ I look forward to your posts, each one is 'more better' than the last♪