Sunday, July 8, 2012

This Too

asks us to use the words
from REM's song of the title in blue

(A touch of Patience Strong)

Everybody hurts sometimes, and, also, everybody heals,
However deep the pain at the time, no matter how bad one feels.
Even a terrible, terrible loss can be softened by passing time;
And the agony of hurt feelings dwindles, from a crime
To an act so insignificant it barely rates a mention.
Why did you have that row with her? Why was there so much tension?
We live life on a see-saw, now up and now way down;
Monday may be full of smiles and Tuesday wear a frown.
'This, too, will pass'.....a saying that's full of Chinese wit.
Happiness passes, and sorrow.
And that's the end of it.


For most of my life, I must admit,
I daily yearned for Fame.
I longed to be that wonderful thing
A universal household-name.
I felt the little life I led
Just didn't amount to much,
And I admired the Rich and Famous
Very, very much.
Being a teacher seemed so drab;
A cog in the machine;
Teaching others to be famous,
If you know what I mean.
The wealth part didn't attract me;
Diamonds aren't my line;
If I wear a plastic necklace
I feel absolutely fine.
But Fame was quite another thing;
I fantasised at times
Of how I'd make a living
Performing my little rhymes!!!
Pam Ayres was my idol;
I was jealous, I admit,
Of her books, her laughing admirers,
Her comedy and her wit.
But daily life took-over;
It all remained a dream;
I stayed in my 'cog' position,
Not part of the wider scheme.
But, now that I'm over eighty,
And just an old-lady wife,
I realise that, maybe,
I've had a fortunate life.
Since I never had a Rise
I've never had a Fall;
I'm accustomed to being a Shorty
Because I was never Tall.
But 'How are the Mighty Fallen!'.....
We see that every day;
I'd rather end my life as me
Than in the Rupert Murdoch way!
P.S. I'm sure Pam Ayres still has her feet on the ground and is ageing gracefully!



Tarang Sinha said...

Nice composition!:)

Belva Rae Staples said...

These are both so good! Your wit, wisdom, and humor shine!

Kodjo Deynoo said...

I like the positive note you put on this, a light at the end of the tunnel...blessed

joanne said...

both rhymes were you think in rhymes too?
The messages you send out are so uplifting and real and, yes, you are famous in my book!

Unknown said...

Very nicely done.

awalkinmyheart said...

Inspirational. I love both of them.