Wednesday, July 4, 2012




Those hooded eyes, those lips pursed tight!
You are an enigmatic sight.
That bald and decorated brow!
I'd like to understand, but how?
Your culture is so far from mine
And you deny me any sign.


This is just a poster from many years ago,
A Germanic-looking poster, you'll agree.
A very sprightly lady is riding on a wave
And looking liberated and so free.
But I see something sentimental, something from my past;
It's my Mother who comes back into my mind;
And, as I'm growing older, I tend to reminisce,
And I think of her quite frequently, I find.
The lady in the poster represents a certain time
Before the German people turned to War;
The Depression was all over and life was really good,
And no-one knew the hell that was in store.
In Germany the Hitler Youth became predominant
And the accent was on healthy living then;
The bronzed, attractive teenagers were always in the news,
And the women were involved as well as men .
And in Britain the same movement started-up for, don't forget,
The Germans weren't our enemies, but friends,
And The League of Health and Beauty came to be as a result.
(Even then I guess that there were global trends.)
My mother joined the movement and I can see her now,
In a satin shirt and sporty little shorts.
How liberating for her to escape, just for a while,
To a world of music, exercise and sports!
I was only a toddler but I can see her now,
In her outlandish outfit, standing tall,
And that is why this poster says so very much to me;
It's more than just a poster on a wall.

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