Saturday, July 14, 2012

Singing the Pinks



Many a voice sounds strained and weak
When a singer sings alone;
The voice lacks depth and melody
And tunefulness and tone.
But when a group sings in unison
What a startling change we hear;
The resulting sound is musical and delightful to the ear.
Maybe we should learn this lesson;
One we should have always known.
Together we're more successful
Than we are when we're all alone.


The very redness breathes of fire and brimstone!
The words, in darkest black, intend to scare.
The Wyldwood Baptist Church has good intentions,
But I wouldn't be encouraged to go there.
Who says I'm filled with Hell? I don't feel Hellish!
Full of imperfections, nothing more.
Purgatory is the very worst I'll warrant
When the time arrives for adding up the score.
And that's where all the others will be heading...
To some place for those who're neither good nor bad,
Those in the 'B. Stream', millions upon millions,
According to the average life they've had.
There may be some who're positively wicked,
But, with them, there is the puzzle of the gene.
With different parents, different antecedents,
They might not have been so vicious or so mean.
As to the very few who'll get to Heaven,
I wish them the best of luck on their white clouds,
Playing guitars and swapping boring stories
About how good they were, before they donned their shrouds.
My friends will be in Purgatory when I am;
No doubt we'll sit around and reminisce.
I'm not impressed by either Hell or Heaven;
So don't offer me eternal pain or bliss!


joanne said...

You are so talented, funny, and prolific.....I love reading your rhymes....and the pink photo was perfect

LV said...

A great attention getter. The group look nice in their pinks.