Thursday, July 19, 2012

Short Poem

Asks us to use 12 words only!

(This should please Margaret!)

This poem must be very short!
Not one of the lengthy sort!


Using the famous words
'My candle burns at both ends'


My lantern is old and rusty,
Yet the flame within burns bright.
The candle gives a glorious glow
That lights the on-coming night.
There was a time, so long ago,
When both lantern and flame were pristine,
But now the lantern's decrepit
And it's lost its early sheen.
Yet still the flame keeps burning,
As, till life ends, it must,
When, at last, the light goes out,
And the lantern crumbles to dust.


*Dark Angel* said...

Nice blog you have here, that short poem is so cute :)

irene said...

Did we lose the plot?

Elizabeth said...

Like both pieces, they seem to balance one another. The short poem, the longer/but just as short life.


Anonymous said...

Clever, clever poem for WWP.

vivinfrance said...

I love that short one and laughed at the cheek of it!

Sharp Little Pencil said...

The first has that primer sort of humor to it; the second, with the candle as a life and all that surrounds it part of that life, was... dare I say, illuminating? Lovely work! Peace, Amy