Sunday, July 15, 2012

Some Hopes!

A Wordle


We are asked to use all the words in the Wordle


Will someone please invent for me
A Politician with humility;
Not one who likes to crack the whip,
And give veracity the slip;
Not one whose bosom swells with pride,
As he flicks a lesser man aside;
Not one whose ego's growing bigger,
As his finger trembles on the trigger;
Not one who'll spray out platitudes,
But who'll refrain from attitudes
That plant dissension in the mob;
 Not one who gives his mates a job,
Setting off a chain of depravity
That we should view with the utmost gravity.
Society relishes good red meat!
Gristle isn't much fun to eat.


I never knew what freedom was until I reached old age!
One only knows true freedom when one reaches the last stage.
No mortgages, no school-age kids, no garden and no rules;
No worrying what others think (they may think we are fools!)
A day in bed? Why not, indeed! No-one need ever know
That we've turned our backs on winter and the chilly winds that blow!
A bar of chocolate in the night, just when the fancy takes us;
No-one to say 'Eat healthy food?', and nobody who makes us.
A TV show mid-morning? What lethargy! What sin!
We lap-up the obvious envy of our younger kith and kin.
The middle years are frenetic; we knew that at the time,
But we didn't know that growing old would be very near sublime!
There is a drawback, we admit; we don't have to be clever
To deduce these halcyon elderly years just cannot last forever.
If I could stop the clock, it's now that I would choose to stop it.
For old age has brought freedom, and no other age can top it.


Daydreamertoo said...

Most politicians begin with good intention, they want to change their world but, somewhere along the way, the power, the money, it all goes to their heads and their ego comes to the fore. Money = power. Power eventually corrupts.
Nicely said on both pieces.

joanne said...

right on with the 'hopes' rhyme....not only well-written but of such timeliness,,,,,it appears that your hopes may never be realized - wretched behavior seems entrenched in politics! and 'freedom' reminded me of my husband and I - spend day napping? why not?!

Scribbler said...

Oh yes please! We need some politicians with humility. I admired the flow of the rhyme - nothing seemed forced, and the wordle words flowed right in.

Willow said...

Wonderful, I relate, I apologize for not being erudite.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if poetic justice applies to politicians? :D

I hope that you'll find time to read and comment on mine during week. I'm at

daphnepurpus said...

Excellent! Would that such politicians existed!

Jules said...

I think a humble politician is an oxymoron...Was there ever such an animal? One who in power cared more for the people than themselves or the friends they make promises to pay with the taxpayers money?

I also like that second one. Though not quite with the freedom to retire with the spouse yet...I imagine that my MIL who is close to ninety would like to go back about just twenty years. Though being vertical an and above ground bets the alternative.

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