Monday, July 16, 2012



We are asked to write a HUITAIN, a verse form popular in the 16th century.
 The layout is 10 syllables, 8 lines and an ababbcbc scheme.


The lanterns hung from all the trees around,
With darkness  made bewitching by their light.
They cast great pools of gold upon the ground,
And gave an air of mystery to night.
Like swinging orbs of flame, they seemed so bright
That shadows were more velvet and more deep.
The moon looked down  from an enormous height;
An oasis in a world enmeshed in sleep.


Take a quick glance! It's a sylvan scene
With lots of foliage, very green.
Not remarkable at all;
Sentimental, overall.
But then look closer at this shot,
And think of Mr Mandelbrot!
Because these trees are broccoli,
Each piece resembling a little tree!
Look closely and you can't escape
That the small resembles the larger shape!
Natural symmetry in all things,
From our two hands to robins' wings.
We find the most attractive faces
Are symmetrical in most cases.
Frost on glass is fractal too;
By repetition, that's how it grew.
And Mr Mandelbrot discovered
That fractals had the whole world covered!
The broccoli resembles trees
And our lungs are fractals such as these!
Look around and you'll will spot
Endless homage to Mandelbrot!


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Your huitain is wonderful. I love the rhythm, and you make it look easy (when it is so not!)

vivinfrance said...

Rinkly, the huitain is a form crying out for your impeccable treatment, and you gave it your best.

As for Mister Mandelbrot, I must send that one to my grand-daughters (if I may) because they were induced to eat broccoli by their parents changing its name to trees!
Fractals are eternally fascinating.

Kerry O'Connor said...

You have a gift with forms, and this is no exception. I loved the magical lantern show.

Mary B. Mansfield said...

Your huitain is so effortless-looking! What a magical scene you've created in that poem.

I've found that lately I've been more aware of symmetry in the world around me, been finding it everywhere!

Helen said...

Your huitain is beautiful ... the image + poem a perfect match.