Sunday, July 1, 2012

Free Choice



Is it inside-out or outside in?
Tails you lose and heads you win.
Is it the inside from without
Or is it the other way about?
I know because I'm very wise.
Incidentally, there's no prize!


When Opportunity knocks
Think and think again;
Maybe joy is beyond that door;
Maybe grief and pain.
For Opportunity is two-faced;
It's claims are so inviting.
The very word seems synonymous
With a future that's exciting.
Yet many a snake-oil merchant
Has used that very word,
Making claims that are later proved
To be patently absurd.
One's instincts are so vital,
When opportunity comes your way.
Look behind the weasle words
The offerer may say.
Better an opportunity missed
Than an action you'll regret.
Turn away from the pyramid scheme
Or the very unlikely bet.
But if an opportunity presents itself
Right out of the blue,
And you're absolutely certain
That it's exactly right for you,
Grab it with both hands, my friend,
Take the ball and run,
Step out from under the looming clouds
And take your place in the sun.

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