Saturday, July 28, 2012


 alabaster shadow apples aloof symmetry immense jade falling intrinsic


Asks us to use all the words.


A vase, before it's decorated
Is not , by me, appreciated.
Its lines, though pleasing they may be
Expressing perfect symmetry,
And having an intrinsic worth,
Casting a shadow on the earth
That is both pleasing and unique,
Are not revealed quite at their peak.
The patterns of apples and falling stars
Don't stand-out on unfinished jars.
Alabaster and glorious jade
May shine when they are just half-made,
But pottery requires more proof
That it's not cold and quite aloof.
The difference colour makes is immense!
Suddenly it all makes sense!
Having been colourless and quiet
The vases now are a noisy riot
Of flowers and faces and fantasy!
Yes! A colourful vase for me!



Little I ask, my wants are few,
Just a Cadillac or two,
Just a pad at Malibu.
That's all I need.

I'm quite abstemious as you know,
I don't need a lot of dough.
Just a trip to Jericho.
And that's not greed.

Of course a heated swimming-pool,
Children at a top-notch school,
All to make the neighbours drool.
Why not, I say.

Outfits coming from Dior
Persian carpets on my floor,
Why shouldn't I have more and more,
When I can pay?

The proletariat may whine
About these luxuries of mine,
But I continue doing fine
I make a splash.

Let them whinge and let them bleat,
Let them sleep out in the street;
Luxury is hard to beat.
And I've got cash!


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