Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Not Easy

asks us to use the following words
allow/deny    harsh/gentle


Bringing up a little child is not an easy task.
Some parents give-in all the time, whatever the child may ask.
They're gentle people who, it seems, hate to deny their child,
And they end up with a monster, who's undisciplined and wild.
Some other parents won't allow insubordination;
Their discipline is very harsh, perfection their fixation.
They end up with a child that's cowed, always saying 'Yes',
An adult who is damaged, and hardly a success.
And then there are other parents who have the perfect touch;
Whose discipline is not too rigid, who don't shout too much.
These parents have perfect children, as anyone can see!
Model yourself on a perfect Mother.....who happens to be ME!
(No comments allowed from Rebecca and Greg!)


The Vienna Acadamy of Fine Arts!
What do they know of art?
I've been praised from my earliest days!
 Right from the very start!
Everyone said I was clever,
With an architectural flair!
And now this dreadful rejection
Has filled me with despair!
All right! I never studied;
I never worked very much.
But I felt I had a calling
For landscape art and such.
I saw my future as an artist!
I yearned for wealth and fame,
And now I've been rejected!
I feel anger! I feel shame!
They say my talent is modest;
That I can't paint the human form!
And now I feel my anger
Building to a storm!
The Vienna Academy of Fine Arts!
I will even the score!
I'll take my seething anger
And start the next World War!
                            Adolf Hitler


Myrna R. said...

Both poems made me smile. The first one I may print and give to my daughter, who's raising a son.

The other is funny. Ironic I guess, that this awkward man got to have so much power.

Such nice writing from you always.

Serena said...

I enjoyed both of these. The second one sure gave me pause, especially in light of heinous crimes committed by those whose acquaintances will express shock and say, "I never would have guessed he would do such a thing."

Anonymous said...

:) I need some of your parental guidance! I think I scream too much :) Whimsical poem!

Bodhirose said...

Really enjoyed both of these...sure can relate to the first as a parent and seeing little monsters produced from parents who could never say no...huge mistake!

The second one...oh, yes, I could see seething rage becoming a fixation and obsession growing WAY out of proportion for "righting a wrong." Creepy!