Monday, July 9, 2012


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The bridal car has arrived for you , decorated and grand.
You know you're heading for happiness .....but......on the other hand......
You're standing on the diving-board; you know you've got the skill
But........on the other hand........a wrong move could even kill!
Tomorrow you see the doctor; what is the prognosis.
You're almost certain you're O.K. dread the diagnosis!
Uncertainty's a devil; it wakes you in the night.
Optimism is on the left; pessimism on the right.
'Everything will turn out well!' You prepare yourself for sleep!
No! No! You're wide awake again! Your flesh has begun to creep.
'Everything will NOT go well!' You're marked for a dreadful fate!
Death is preferable! No it's not! Don't be an idiot! Wait!
And so it goes; first up, then down. It's better far to KNOW.
For good or bad, the future, a definite Yes or No,
Is far, far easier to deal with than uncertainty's teasing dread.
'Better the devil you know' they say. Very wisely said!
* I've suffered from uncertainty for the last few months. Read all about it on my Skin Graft Blog
Book Blurb Friday supplied us with the book cover

Would this blurb encourage you to buy this book?

Fleur de Mignon
(Translated into English by Rupert Parks)

Suddenly Alexis understands!
The papers had been full of it.......back then!
Now, a hundred years later, she knows the answer.
Bernard's disappearance!
The removal of the icon!
The blood stains on the carpet!
The fruitless search for the body.
Does she dare to smash the statue and reveal all?
Even at this late date will she be pursued by The Wrath?
The tension will be unbearable!

The Chicken Sexers Chronicle: I kept thinking 'I know the answer!' But I didn't.


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