Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Let Me In!


Asks us to use the words below.
doubt/believe   wisdom/nonsense


I'd love to get inside your head
And read the thoughts you're thinking.
Would I believe what you believe
If our brain-cells were linking?
Or would you doubt the way I doubt
By reading my grey matter?
Or would you think me truly mad
Like some female Mad Hatter?
My wisdom might be nonsense
When filtered through your brain!
Your nonsense might seem wise to me
If I sang your refrain.
To see the world through another's eyes.......
It would be fascinating.
Would I then love the things you love?
Would you hate what I am hating?


You must often wonder why
I don't fly up in the sky.
My wings are quite magnificent, as you see.
I could be up where eagles soar
And mighty winds forever roar,
But that is not where I desire to be.

For I prefer to lurk and zoom
Here in your sweetly-smelling room,
Where kitchen odours lure me every day.
I place my sticky little feet
All over food you like to eat.
Which one of you will I make sick today?

The eagle hasn't got my power
The bee just flits from flower to flower,
And they must envy me the life I lead.
Mankind lives in a state of fear
Whenever I am whirring near.
So I am really the King of the Wings! Agreed?


Mary said...

It really would be interesting to be inside of another's head if only for a short time. I think then we would each be happy to return to our own nonsense and wisdom!! Smles.

Anonymous said...

I really like the way you did your poem. I know I often wonder what someone else is thinking :)

Vaishali Jain said...

I had read your comments on other blogs and this is the first time I am visiting your blog... I must say, I LOVED what I read. It reads so casual yet there is a sort of perfection, a sort of poise to your writing.

BEAUTIFUL is the word. I read King of Wings, too. You really are an observer and know how to word those observation.

Need I say more? :P