Monday, July 2, 2012


The Wordle

Ted Bundy

Charlie Peace

asks us to use all the words in the Wordle


Murderers should look like murderers, that is what we feel.
Snapshots of the guilty should certainly reveal
A bestiality of mind, lips that are mean and thin,
And a hollow, sallow appearance of the eyes and of the skin.
The way they stand, a gesture, captured for all time,
Should represent their  act of perfidy and every heinous crime.
Their arms should be hanging by their sides like those of an ape-like  creature;
Their utter degradation should strike us in every other feature.
The thought of their touch should appal us, for they have sent to their deaths
Other human beings. They've snuffed-out their living breaths.
Ted Bundy is a deceiver; he looks so suave and smart;
Charlie Peace is an 'honest' man.....his looks reveal his heart!


Since I am not Muhammad Ali
sting like a butterfly and float like a bee!
Uncoordinated! That's my story;
Definitely never, never bound for glory.
I fly like an elephant and swim like a pig!
I can't even do an Irish Jig.
I dance like a cuttlefish and leap like a worm.
I'm old and battered and quite infirm.
I throw like a snake and jump like a mole
And golf balls never end up in the hole.
But I'm very, very, very good at just being me.
That's one on the nose for Muhammad Ali!