Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hanging About

asks us to use this illustration in only 100 words


There was a beginner called Paul
Who decided to climb up a wall
He found as he swung
That he dithered and hung
And he just didn't like it at all!

So he cried out 'I just cannot bear
Being dangled way up in the air!'
Then he started to yelp
'Please give me some help!
I'd climb down but I simply don't dare!'

So his partner, a fellow called Fred
Yelled out 'Please don't fall on my head!
I'm certain you will
For you haven't much skill,
And the crashing is something I dread.'

But Paul said 'I can't take much more'
And they both ended up on the floor!
A Steep Drop!
And a Full Stop!
(100 words)



There once was a Butler called Bertie
Who couldn't stand anything dirty.
If he saw a smudge
He'd be bearing a grudge
From lunch-time till after eight thirty.

He'd use his spy glass, ascertaining
Which small speck of dust was remaining,
His back grew quite bent
For wherever he went
He was always intent on complaining.


Viki said...

Cute poem, loved it, lol.

Jo said...

fabulous as always ... and the second entry was a hoot!!!

anitamombanita said...

I swear I don't know where you come up with these things week after week! Love it!

Jenny said...



This was fabulous!

Still grinning here!