Sunday, July 22, 2012

Not On Your Nelly!

Phidippides  was send by the Athenians to Sparta to ask for help. The Spartans said that they would help after the moon was full. Phidippides came back running the 147 miles distance with the disappointing news for the Athenians. Phidippides then returned to Marathon in time to fight in the battle.Then he was ordered to run to Athens to bring the news of victory. In one week he had to run more than 300 miles.When he reached the agora, he gasped: nenikikamen, "We have won" and dropped dead.
asks us to use the words of Dean Karnazes,  a best selling author and Ultramarathon runner.  

“Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up."


I haven't the soul of an athlete,
It must be a burden indeed,
To feel driven to strive to one's utmost,
To be scorned if one doesn't succeed.
'Run when you can'? Why not saunter
And view all the beauty around?
Next I'm told I must 'Walk if you have to',
That sounds just like covering ground!
'Crawl if you must'? Well, I mustn't,
I'd rather sit back in a chair.
As for 'Never give up', how exhausting!
Oh dear! What a sweaty affair!
A  Marathon runner exhorts me
To strive for perfection. Oh dear!
Will I take his advice and keep striving?
Not on your Nelly! No fear!
*This expression comes from Cockney rhyming slang. It was originally 'Not on your Nelly Duff.' Duff was rhyming-slang for 'puff'. 'Puff' was an alternative name for 'breath'. In other words it means 'Not on my life!' or, more forcefully, 'Not bloody likely!' It seemed a suitable response to this week's quote!

(An interpretation of a Jinsky abstract)

The urban sprawl beside the purple sea.
The golden glimmer on each grass-green tree.
The lilac depths that glow from the lagoon.
The twinkle of headlights. 'Yes, I'll be home soon!'
I am an eagle; you are way below.
And I can only speak of what I know.
I cannot see your thoughts, shown in your faces.
I only see the shapes, the hues, the places.
To me the earth is one great abstract mass
Across which I may pass.... and pass... and pass.
You cannot know my world nor I know yours.
And yet we share these hills and lakes and shores.


Amrit Sinha said...

Loved the interpretation of the prompt ... good work :-)

Belva Rae Staples said...

You have a great handle on life! I'm always struggling. Maybe I need to relax a little more! Thanks for this witty poem!

Unspoken said...

hah! Your response to the post made me smile :).

Mariya Koleva said...

haha, I utterly enjoyed this take on the prompt. Yeah, i often feel like that :-)
Best, M.