Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wish Granted

asks for a story in only 140 characters, using this illustration


Said Snowy Snowman, 'Oh dear oh!'
I'm tired of being made of snow!
Fairy responded 'For just one night,
You can twinkle like a fairy-light.'
(140 characters)

                                 Nik Scott


'Alas poor Yorick!' .......a famous line! From 'Hamlet' I believe.
Said by an actor holding a skull, just before we hear him grieve.
Shakespeare's scene is moving, but the phrase has been debased,
Often comedians use it, and not in the best of taste!
The cartoon above is funny but would Shakespeare have approved?
After all, the speaker doesn't seem all that moved!
Yorick was Court Jester, when Hamlet was a boy.
He used to play games with the little child, which they both used to enjoy.
When Hamlet finds his rotting skull he speaks of the end of life.
His grief is very real and strong and cuts him like a knife.
Here is Sir Lawrence Olivier, an actor of great fame,
Mourning Yorick's departure and calling out his name.

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