Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tongue in Cheek


asks us to comment on a well-known phrase


I'm saying this but meaning that.
Do you know what I'm getting at?
I'm saying 'I wonder who ate the cake?'
But know, by the gesture that I make,
That I know you know it was me!
We're having a bit of fun you see.
No-one can say I'm telling lies
This tongue of mine is putting you wise.
I'm sort of saying 'I'm innocent'
But you know how my words are meant.
It's a little joke between we two.
So, now, what are you going to do?
You'd like to chastise me, that I know,
But my little gesture is saying 'No!'
It's saying 'This boy doesn't have to speak;
He knows the trick of tongue-in cheek!'
But did you the olden days
This gesture was used in other ways?
It was an insult way back then!
How very odd are the ways of men!


Eve, I feel, was not too bright;
Her powers of reasoning very slight.
Would you believe a coiling snake
That tempted you? For goodness sake!
If, on a visit to the zoo,
A cobra sort of hissed at you
'Do as I say, my little dear.
Come into my cage and have no fear.
Let me have a little grapple,
And I'll reward you with an apple'
You'd run like hell! But little Eve
Was, as I say, a bit naive.
Without one morsel of hesitation
She gave in to the snake's temptation!
She bit the apple and then (good grief!)
She covered herself with a tiny leaf.
She must have been  a size 'petite',
But then she hadn't had much to eat.
Off she went to find his nibs,
Pretending she was one of his ribs!
They took to sex for all they were worth,
And went on to populate all the earth!
If you find yourself in this situation
Don't give-in to the snake's temptation!


Maude Lynn said...

Temptation is hilarious! I've often thought along similar lines.

Linda O'Connell said...

Fun, I love word play.

Altonian said...

Absolutely brilliant, as always, but Temptation was exceptionally so.

Old Egg said...

One of the delights of reading your poetry is the apparent ease with which the words flow from your pen (fingers?). We were given a rare treat to have such wonderful pieces today.