Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wait! There's More!

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Wait! There's more!
 Oh what joyous words!
I've another day to live!
Even though all the sands of time
Are hurtling through the sieve!
The curtain is not falling yet!
The orchestra's still playing,
Even though the old knees are weak
And the memory is straying.
'Is today the appointed day?'
Each day I ask the sun,
And then I'm thrilled to the very core......
When I'm given another one!
Every morning when I wake
I sing a brand new encore,
I wait for Destiny to check its watch
And then count up the score............
Wait! Wait! There's more!
(103 words)


If I'd invented numbers,
(I wasn't around at the time),
It would all have been very basic;
No composite, no prime.
I'd have started out with one plus one,
'A very good place to start'
And 'one' would have been an upright stick,
The simplest form of art.
But 'two' would have been an upright cross,
Two ones, in a way, combined,
Not a curly-wurly 'birdie' thing,
Like the one now in my mind.
Below see the Rinkly form of 2,
Two 'ones' neatly expressed.
If I'd invented numbers,
My 'two' would have been the best.

A Rinkly Number Two
This has been a busy weekend. Yesterday evening about ten of us went out to dinner in town and then we went on to the Royal Exchange 'salon' theatre to perform 'The Fit and the Fabulous'. I didn't take part as I'm still bandaged from the latest skin-grafting. The play wasn't a great success, not because 'my girls' didn't do well, but because the cut-down form of the play, minus most songs, (because of time constraints) dragged a bit. We'll stick to the musical form in future. We were very taken with a musical group called The Collectables and I could have listened to them all night.
Today Malcolm and I have lunched at Roslyn's house. Errol is a superb fisherman and Ros is a superb cook so the meal was lovely. Not only that but the company was great too. My bandaged face hardly shows in this picture but it is very obvious on my 'skin graft' blog, Brebry.


Judie said...

BB, of course your poems are delightful, as always! I went to your other blog to see your sweet face. O.k., so it was bandaged, and scarred, but the eyes have it, Brenda, and you are beautiful!

Susan Mystery said...

All I can say is Wow. I can really see your first poem going around the internet for inspiration. Great take on the theme and thank you for reminding me that life is a gift.

Jenny said...

Oh Brenda. I'm going to your other blog if I can find the link! I'm so sorry you have so much to get through!

Jenny said...

Brenda, I think I'm being dumb. I can't find the link to your other blog.

Are you okay?