Thursday, July 19, 2012


                                                Brenda Bryant
Now....... bring me that horizon!....Jack Sparrow; Pirates of the Caribbean



Now....bring me that horizon!
It's waiting there for me
I'm drawn, as to a magnet,
To the far-ness of the sea.
I'll cross a non-existent line
To where the sun goes down;
And I'll never walk another mile
In your dank and dusty town!


I feel the design of the human body
Is nothing more nor less than shoddy!
This must be what everyone feels,
Or else why did they invent high heels?
It's obvious sex-appeal is stronger
When the female leg is longer.
One feels a leg should be one and a half
Times what it now is from thigh to calf.
The little fat chappy I have shown
Is certainly not all on his own.
Now, when Nature considered mating,
And set about perfect-shape-creating,
Why did it miss this vital statistic?
Surely it was optimistic
To think that we'd all feel impassioned
By a leg severely rationed!
And then there's the psychology!
I am only five foot three
And yet I feel all tall and slinky
Till I view my legs, which are rather dinky!
I view this as a mean distortion.
Oh to be more in proportion!
We are taken-down several pegs
Whenever we view our stumpy legs!
Let us all, with one accord,
Order Nature back to the drawing-board!

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Jenny said...

I can't find your H post! But I'm all about the stumpy legs! ha!