Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Taking Stock

commented on 'press photography'


You can almost hear them saying it......
'Yes, I think we have one in stock.'
The picture that is meant to rivet, grab attention, shock,
Is often one from the internet or in some dusty file;
How often have we seen that face and that same 'doctory' style?
It's just the same on the TV news; maybe a battle scene,
But it's one from several months ago, one we've already seen.
As for those smoky chimneys, which are actually belching steam,
Which are meant to turn us 'green' but which result in a silent scream.....
I feel it's sloppy journalism, and I'm being manipulated!
I'm 'photoshopped' to pieces and often quite frustrated!
I'm also very cynical about bereavement shots;
Maybe they loved their Grandad lots and lots and lots,
But I can hear the photographer saying 'Come on now! Look sad!'
(And, by the way, inheritance-wise, they may really be quite glad!)
As for this doctor picture, we'll probably never know 
Whether it was all legitimate or something posed for show.
But it's certain that the photographer had to arrange a date
To visit the doctor's surgery and then to 'fabricate'!
The Dr probably rang this girl, who's reasonably pleasant
And said 'Do you want to be in the press? I've photographers here at present?'
Meanwhile old Grandma Buggins, who's certainly past her best,
Has to wait around in the waiting-room, getting more and more depressed
Because she's not been chosen! It cuts her like a knife!
This is one of the many things that are wrong with modern life.
Here is part of the article which inspired me.
"Part of the problem with the photo, I realized, is that I wondered who the people in the photo were and whether it was a 'real' photo of something actually taking place, or a posed photo of a doctor and a patient, or a posed photo of people pretending to be a doctor and a patient. About the only thing I could say for certain is that it wasn't two toddlers playing doctor."

(From a Mad Kane first line)

A fellow who always felt free
Decided to live in a tree.
He flung off his clothes
And he finally froze
When the temperature reached Minus 3.

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