Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Avalanche

The Wordle

asks us to use all the words in the Wordle


It just seemed like a snowball falling,
That first intimation of attack.
Just the first boulder rolling
With a frenzy of snow on its back.
Then the white hill cracked with a loud roar
And a channel split open wide.
It was strange, the way it grew monstrous;
Sublime how it seemed to glide.
There was nothing wayward nor wilful;
Nothing rough or robust.
The great white shape settled gently
In a cloud of silvery dust.
Then all was still in the valley
On a blue and glittering day.
It was only then I discovered
It had taken your life away.


Up I go! And up and over!
Floating up in space.
A creature of another world, 
Exhibiting  airy grace.
I stretch myself along the ceiling, 
Gazing at the floor!
Normal standing, normal sitting?
 Nothing but a bore.
A nudge and I float down again,
With my arms out wide.
I twist, I twirl, I writhe, I squirm;
I push from side to side.
Normal standing, normal sitting?
Nothing but a drag.
But oops! Here comes motion sickness!
Where's that paper bag?


vivinfrance said...

What a fabulous Wordle poem. Chapeau! Have you ever been weightless? Your description is so vivid, and I love the last line.

Elizabeth said...

Your wordle speaks of a terrible beauty. Felt my shoulders scrunching up as I read, only sensing the disaster at the end.


Anonymous said...

That ending I really hadn't expected. Great use of the Wordle.