Sunday, July 29, 2012

Please Remit Your Payment Promptly!

chose a very unusual prompt

(This became a rather ambitious Acrostic and a Victorian homily at the same time!)

People like to pay their bills
Late or not at all
Easy come and easy go
And they don't heed this call!
Several days or weeks may pass
Even months before they pay!
Retailers get mad as hell
Expecting cash each day!
'Money doesn't grow on trees',
I have heard this said;
Tardy payments must annoy
You can give joy instead!
On the appointed payment day
Undo your purse in haste!
Regular payments are the thing!
Poor payers have no taste.
All those 'must have' things you've bought
You didn't really need
Misery comes from being in debt,
Even giving-in to greed.
No good will come of it, my friend,
Take heed of what I say.
Penury is the end result;
Regret is on its way.
Only the foolish get in debt,
Make sure you pay your bills!
Putting-off the evil day......
That leads to other ills.
Learn to budget! You will see
You can live more happily.

                         People of Chilmark; Benton


The people of Chilmark were called together
(Because of the beautiful summer weather)
To demonstrate how they passed their time,
In an ideal place in an ideal clime.
'All look joyful!' the artist said.......
But they all look terribly grim, instead!
'Your oar is sticking into my breast!'
Yelled Mavis, who had quite a big chest!
'Let me out!' cried Fred, who was clutching a ball;
'You wont let me do the Australian Crawl!'
Timmy, the little boy in brown
Shouted 'Let me on! I'm going to drown!'
Not one of the crowd could raise a smile;
They kept on scowling all the while;
Writhing, bumping, churning, splashing,
Shouting, snarling, seething, crashing.
'Have fun!' cried the painter, 'Demonstrate
The ideal summer-holiday state!
Simply take off most of your clothes
And wallow about in a carefree pose!
My picture will be so free and active
That Chilmark will appear attractive!
Folk will flock to holiday
In your delightful sandy bay!'
But it will come as no surprise
That it didn't pay to advertise!


anitamombanita said... always!

Judie said...

Wonderful post, Brenda!!! I am going to print out your "Please Remit..." poem to give to my son, so he pays his bills on time after we move away.

I have always loved the work of Thomas Hart Benton. His paintings have such movement in them--you can even see it in his landscapes.
Your poem painted a wonderful view!

Carrie said...

Nice job with the prompt! Crafting a poem like that would have been quite the challenge :)

Visiting from Saturday Centus

Jenny said...

I can't believe you even attempted an acrostic with this.


Very cool!