Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Slimy Doom

                                             David Booth


At the first sign of Slimy Doom,
Hie you to your hotel room!
Take a dose of Syrup of Figs
And dance some vigorous Highland Jigs.
If the slime is very acute
Strip off down to your birthday suit!
Oh yes, of course, if you're really doomed
You will have to be exhumed!
Bridges of glass are not for you,
Even though there's a lovely view.
Many a tourist has reached his tomb
By way of the dreaded Slimy Doom!


One day a kindly gentleman was walking down the street
When he saw a scene he considered to be touching and quite sweet.
A little boy, not very tall, was standing near a door.
But he couldn't reach to ring the bell, though he tried more and more.
Up on his tippy-toes he went, and then he jumped up high,
But the door-bell still was out of reach, however he might try.
The kindly gentleman crossed the road; 'I'll help you, sonny' he said,
'That naughty doorbell's much too high; way above your head!'
The gentleman pressed the doorbell, the ring was loud and clear,
And he heard a sound from inside the house; footsteps coming near.
The gentleman smiled as he said to the boy 'Now what, my little man?'
'Don't you know?'  the boy replied  'You run as fast as you can!'


Sandy said...

I wanted to stop by and say thank
you for your visit to my blog and for your kind words.. yes, we hide from bad weather down here in So. Florida.. I love it here though! Hurricanes are better than tornado's.. we get a few days notice!
Thanks again

Lesley said...

Thank goodness they included the obvious and the not so obvious!
I would not like to come across anyone with the slimy doom!

Thanks for playing - and sorry for my late visit. I am in the midst of a move and boxes are everywhere!