Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Pianist

Life is like a piano; what you put into it is what you get out.


asks us to use our own photograph alongside a suitable quote

My friend, Carole.

Her name is Carole; she loves to play
In her own particular way.
Sometimes jazz and sometimes swing;
Sometimes ballads, while we sing.
At home she plays in a classical style,
Caressing the ivories all the while.
But when she plays for us alone
She has a special touch and tone.
She urges us or holds us back,
Chastises us when we are slack.
She rewrites songs in certain keys
So we can sing the melodies.
She copes with our funny little ways
And she's always eager to give praise.
While we are strutting on the stage
She quietly turns another page.
I thought of Carole when I found this quote;
A lady of notes, also of note.


'Jump on the roundabout!' says Life at the moment of our birth!
'Here is your little gee-gee! Spin around the earth!'
So on we leap with a light heart, quite certain the ride will be
Smooth, yet very exciting, and full of variety.
But quite soon we discover that our gee-gee's a wayward horse;
Round and round we go indeed, but not on a smooth-running course.
Sometime the horse is an old nag, and she slows to a sluggish pace,
When there are boring things to do and heavy tasks to face.
Sometimes our horse is skittish, liking to jump and buck,
That's when life gets too frenzied and we're likely to run amok.
There are times when the gee-gee's placid, and she gives us a gentle ride
So that we're able to view, at ease, life's passing countryside.
The roundabout horses in fair-grounds are static, unchanging toys;
They know nothing of our erratic lives, our sorrows and our joys.
But, like it or not, we are destined to ride until our turn is done,
Let's hope, at the end, we smile and say 'That ride was lots of fun!'
I joined Facebook uncertainly, wondering what was the point of it. But when, through FB, I discover my English relations enjoying a family get-together on the Isle of Wight, I realise that it really does bring people together. Herewith their photos. What a good-looking bunch.

My cousin, Dick, with his two sons, Richard and Matthew.

Richard with his partner. 

Richard with his sister, Clare.


Vaishali Jain said...

Your poems always have a nice flow to it. I enjoyed reading the quote and the poem out of it. Thank you! :)

Mary said...

What a beautiful portrait in words of Carole.