Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the Thirteenth



If we'd not invented religion, this day would be just a day
Like any other, not one filled with doom!
With thirteen at the Last Supper it got the most awful press,
And Good Friday seems to lead us to the tomb.
Add the two together and, for those of the Christian faith
It seems a day most dreadful and most dire.
But, if you'd been born a Confucian, the day would pass you by
Without a hint of brimstone or hell-fire!
Superstition is very localised, so it isn't universal;
They fear May 4th in Bramptytiddlyland!
The High Galorum died  that day, so nobody eats breakfast!
Superstitions should be universally banned!


I'm sending this to Beatie Bray!
See ! I've made it out of clay!
Why have I made this mask two faced?
The likeness to Beatie can be traced.
She's as two-faced as a girl can be!
She said she was in love with me,
Then I heard from Percy Slim,
That she said she was in love with him!
I went to my studio in a huff.
Couldn't get there soon enough.
Slapped the clay around a bit
Till the features seemed to fit.
Eyes below and eyes above.
Hardly a symbol of true love!
One straight nose, one bulbous one!
I found that I was having fun!
I hope you like the big white dots;
Hinting at some acne spots.
An extra mouth right at the base,
To complete my lovely two-faced face.
Then I fired it and now it's sent
As a delightful ornament.
Beatie can hang it on her wall
As a warning to lovers one and all.
Beatie's already been replaced.
My new love is single-faced!


Rebecca, Brian and Blake have returned from their short Blue Mountains break. They were lucky with the weather, but Becca was exhausted by Brian wanting to do EVERY walk, not choosing between Short, Medium and Long  but doing all three! 


Sreeja said...

You are very correct..I agree.....nice poem...

Laurie Kolp said...

Yes, superstitions banned...

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the one about the mask! Very creative! Well done!

Anonymous said...

I definitely agree that superstitions should be banned.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

These are both very humorous. Made me smile!

Susan said...

I read this post as two separate poems.

The first offers relativism as refutation in a spate of humor which is effective. I am not sure superstition could be banned, but it could more often co-exist with an other point of view without a resulting violence.

The second--with its built in art cure--is fun. (I'd love to read a companion piece from Beatie's point of view.)

Hannah said...

Was glad for a little background...I never knew not a big superstitious gal!! Nicely written and I agree Rinkly! Beautiful family you have!!

flipside records said...

I think superstitions are fun. But we could all probably do without breakfast from time to time. :)

Margaret said...

Love both! And enjoyed the info a the bottom... He chose all three! ha... that is awesome. :)

Ella said...

Well Done! I, too smiled at these gems :D