Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Winter Solstice

An Australian viewpoint

(A Haiku)

It is mid-winter
The sun is low and gentle
Now it starts to climb

                        Ruth Addinall


I was walking past the bus-stop on the way to work one day
When a lady touched my arm in an apologetic way.
'I'm new round here' she said to me ' I don't want to make a fuss,
But I need to know the number of the Sprintly Gardens bus.'
'That's easy, dear' I answered 'It's number 85.
Just hang around a little while. I'm sure it will arrive.'
Imagine my surprise when, walking home, I found her there,
Looking rather frazzled and a bit the worse for wear!
I'd been at the office all day long, the sun was almost setting!
To see her waiting patiently was terribly upsetting!
How could she stand there all day long? And how could she survive?
'Have you been waiting here all day for number 85!'
'Yes' she answered 'And I'm glad there's not too long to wait!
I've counted all the buses and I'm up to 78!'

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Vaishali Jain said...

Awww this is awesome! Thank you for the laugh. The end was totally unexpected and hilarious. I feel bad for the lady but really... it just made me laugh so. :D