Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Just Walking Around

asks us to use words from John Astbery


I enjoy myself just walking around
For I have very frequently found
That serendipity starts to kick-in,
And little miracles often begin.
Shopping-centres are ideal places
For suddenly meeting friendly faces,
People I once knew and then 'mislaid',
Are standing by a balustrade.
'It's you!' I  cry, darting across,
Ready to salvage gain from loss.
And, before you know it, we're at a table,
Chattering fast as we are able.
An aimless walk, an idle drift
Can sometimes bring one a precious gift.


I've filled-in the form, but not sent it off.
All it needs is the final click.
Is it a chance of an income
Or is it a nasty trick?
The indecision is killing me!
The Internet is so scary,
So full of sneaky criminals,
Setting traps for the unwary!
I've taken the sensible option,
Checking out on BBB.
But maybe that's a scam as well!
Oh insecurity!
I want to be mistress of my fate!
I want to be calm and strong.
I want to know all the ins and outs!
I want to know right from wrong!
But journalists invade phone-calls,
Thieves steal identities
'Snake-oil' salesmen are out there
In all our societies.
So, like a wimp, I'll cancel,
I'll click-off the fatal page!
Oh to be a decisive vivid red
Instead of this nervous beige!

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Maude Lynn said...

I love the last two lines of that second piece!