Sunday, July 8, 2012

He Said, She Said

asks for a conversation piece with a limit of 100 words


He said
 'Do you come here often? I like relaxing in the sun.
I come here every day, after my work is done.
I've no-one to go home to; I get lonely on my own.
It's pretty hard for a fellow like me to be so much alone.'
She said
'Do I come here often? I bet you say that a lot.
No doubt you've chosen this seat as your favourite pick-up spot.
You've picked the wrong girl this time. I've lived in Clapham all my life.
I've seen you out shopping with six kids and your wife.'
(100 words plus 4)


The Time that rules my life
Is a very wayward creature.
It is rigidly prescribed
Yet fluidity is a feature.
So slow, so slow the seconds
When heavy hangs the time;
So short, so short the blessed days
When the living is sublime.
Last year's mad adventures
Seem but a blink away;
But oh the aeons of tick and tock
Since this time yesterday!
We recall, as days of long ago,
The era of our birth,
Yet we casually speak of the billion years
Since dinosaurs walked the earth.
Time can make our lives  seem long
As it stretches out and lingers,
Or it can make our lives seem short
As it slips between our fingers.


21 Wits said...

Oh no what a dirty dog...but yes there are so many like that story the second Time photo! So cool!

Carrie said...

Lol, very clever. I like how it was structured into a poem

Judie said...

Men can be so dumb sometimes, with their silly pickup lines!!

Your "timepiece" is really a work of art.

Linky doesn't like me today! It says my post is linked, but it lies!! Waaaaaa!!!

Jenny said...

What a surprise!

I love this twist!

I actually felt my mouth drop open when I read where this went!

What a fun, fun little rhyme!